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Protection of high end brands from counterfeiting and its devastating effects, operating from within the region that is a hot bed of counterfeiting activities.
Pakistan's largest anti-counterfeiting raid firm and founders of Brand Protection Association Pakistan, with an aim & objective to raise Intellectual Property awareness in Pakistan.
Backed by an internationally recognized law firm ( Ali & Associates) specializing in Intellectual Property Laws,  a winner of Corporate INTL Legal Award 2015 and recognized as a Top-Tier Firm by the Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2015.

Strategic Importance of Pakistan and Dubai in regards to Counterfeit market

Pakistan and Dubai, both have a significance when it comes to dealing with the counterfeit product market.

Pakistan with its population of over 200 million, is a huge market in itself to lure the counterfeit producers and suppliers. China and India, both sharing their borders with Pakistan are assessed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as the largest and 5th largest producers and exporters of counterfeit goods in the world. This makes Pakistan a hot bed for all kinds of counterfeit products supplied from China and India, in addition to the counterfeit products produced locally in Pakistan.

Dubai on the other hand is a free port and a heaven for re-exporting between the eastern and western trading countries. It is one of the world's busiest ports for international trade. Counterfeit goods not only get re-exported but also consumed in Dubai due to a very heavy tourist activity in the region. Last year alone Dh. 1.6 billion worth of counterfeit goods were seized by authorities in Dubai, and this is just a fraction of the actual activity there.

We cover these two very important hubs of counterfeit activity, which also has its effect on many other countries around the world.


COMPANY - Checkers International Canada

Checkers International Canada is the marketing arm of Checkers International Pakistan, which was established in 1998 and legally backed by Ali & Associates, Pakistan. Checkers is a premier high end raiding & investigative firm assisting corporate clients to make better informed decisions effecting their businesses.

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Anti Counterfeiting - Checkers International Canada

- Intellectual Property Investigation
- Anti-Counterfeiting Raids
- Intellectual Property Watch, Monitoring Services, Grey Market Evaluation & Advisory Services.
- Background Screening.
- IP Registration
- Litigation

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BRAND PROTCTION - Checkers International Canada

The prime goal of Checkers International Canada is to protect the interests of our clients in a number of countries including Pakistan, UAE, Afghanistan and India, by investigating, monitoring and legal intervention of any criminal activity effecting your business.

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